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Default Re: OCD Possibly?

IAMSAM: Your right, it isn't easy to ignore. I know that firsthand. When I first started to ignore my fears I had couldn't get my mind off of them. I was terrified that something bad would happen, like someone dying, getting really sick then dying, the house burning down, getting in a car accident, and many other things.

chris87: I know that it's not easy to just ignore your fears, so I'm going to tell you what I did and I really hope it will help you because it's not fun having ocd. I still find myself doing my routines sometimes.

- Think about what you are afraid of. Could it really happen if you don't do something a certain way or do a certain routine. Just think about it.
- You don't have to let your fears control you. You are in control of yourself. No one and nothing is.

It's not that much, but it will help. I still have it, and sometimes I give in to my fear, but these things have really helped me.
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