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Default Totally aggressive and high sex drive

I'm bipolar and off meds for some time now. I'm having a hard time and life has become completely destabilized.

After having been depressed for some time I now feel like being dunno how to describe it...constantly high on something.
I feel like exploding every second, get extremely aggressive about minor stuff.
Yesterday I beat up a guy nearly twice my size for absolutely nothing and it too two others to get me off him.
I also feel kinda horny most of the time. I had sex twice today but somehow wasn't really ya know satisfied.
I feel I'm spiraling into something really dangerous but dunno how to stop it.

I felt like this before a therapist once told me it's part of my illness. But I'm without a counselor and meds atm and don't want anyone to know and get involved. on the other hand I'm afraid something bad could happen cuz I feel like it gets increasingly worse.

how can I get out of this shit situation...
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