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Originally Posted by foof1 View Post
I have ocd and it's not "really crippling".

I'm not sure what you've got or who's diagnosed it, but those with OCD cannot just 'ignore' their symptoms, they are too overpowering for that. That's why it's classiified as a 'Disorder'.

There are a lot of things that can seem a lot like OCD, but the really qualifying determinant is the severity of the behaviors or the urgency of the thoughts, and the overwhelming quality to them. They really do stop the individual, and interfere with daily functioning. And, they interfere with normal thought processes, the ability to use logic and therefore exert some self control over their symptoms.

I'm glad you can do that, and I hope you succeed. However, for others with OCD, it's not that easy and medical intervention is usually required, and quite successful.
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