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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

I think im bi but going more towords men but i like the idea!!!

i think it started when i was about 5, my brother used to live in a house far from mine and my mom would drive to there in order to pick him up, either that or it was a birthday. so there was this one guy that was living with the women my moms husbandgot married to after theyre divorce (it sounds confusing i know) so he was my age and we were curious. we made something called the naked team (dunno where we got the name) so what we did is we took off all our close and ran through the house butt naked. Then a few years past and that was when me and the guy acctually started to touch each other, perform head,and all that stuff. i started to watch gay porn when i was 12, and i LOVED IT !!!!! So its still going on. were still doing all of our gay stuff. i find i can think of women romanticly, but men, sexually, AND romanticlly!!!

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