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Post Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

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Girls Masturbation Discussion Thread
Please post all Questions, Discussion and worries here.

Some Rules:
- The usual VirtualTeen site rules still must be followed here, they can be found by clicking here.
- If you make another thread about masturbation it will be simply merged with this thread.
- We encourage that you talk openly about masturbation but we do not tolerate explicit stories or links to porn.
- Using words such as clitoris and vagina are acceptable here, but we do prefer it if you use the corrent terms instead of slang words, such as pussy etc.

~ The VT Staff.
ok so my friend and i have been masterbating together at each others houses. one night, her sister came in and joined us. then her and her sister started fooling around.her sister licked me down there and it felt so good. in the meantime my friend felt my breasts and we kissed a lot. after a while, mi thinki had an orgasm and we switched. weve been doing this for a while and now my friends sister has a boyfriend whos joining us. i feel so dirty and bad doing things like this, but it feels so good i may not want to give it up, what shoud i do
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