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Default Re: Questions about Adderall XR

i take moe than that and i know some but not alot after all i do have adhd

- Is the XR more powerful (besides the fact that its extended release)? Well my docter said it is a bit more powerfull than regular medicne for ppl with add or adhd
- What does Adderall actually do (besides making one more alert)? it makes you feel like this lol thats why you dont take to much o and it helps you focous alot more
- I don't have ADD or ADHD. What negative effects could Adderall (30 mg) have on me? Im not sure my docter hasnt told me that yet
- Could I have any positive effects (for school) if I take 30 mg of Adderall? Im not sure. But it might help you focous more.

LOL just read my doseage and i take 30 mg too xD
Sry if i didnt hjelp that much after all every time i want to learn more about it the doc speaks to my parents and not me >.<

O and ben that has happened to me. It makes me drowey alot. But for you i recommend mabye taking less or just not taking it.

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