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Default Re: OCD Possibly?

Well, I'm not sure about OCD, it's difficult to diagnose online. But, clearly something is going on that's interferring with your ability to function smoothly. At the very least, you've got pretty significant issues with anxiety. If it's OCD would depend on how incapacitating the urges are and how they interfere with your ability to think clearly. OCD is really crippling, it's not just the thoughts and behaviors, but the inability to clear one's mind of these issues and still think and understand things clearly. Also, is there a family history of either anxiety disorders or OCD? These things tend to run in families.

Whatever is going on, it does sound like you should see a doc and get it checked out. It's understandable that you'd be uncomfortable sharing this with your folks if you think they're unsuspecting or unsympathetic. However, the distress you're suffering with this and what you're missing out on should outweigh whatever it might feel like to seek their help. And, there are very effective treatments available.
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