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Default OCD Possibly?

Although I have read this forum for quite some time, I have never actually posted. I am not quite sure what is wrong with me, but I think that I may have OCD and possibly an anxiety issue. I have contemplated seeking some help, but I've been too embarrassed to do so (mainly because I'd have to discuss it with my parents...I'm 20, and still on their insurance). I don't really think that they have any idea about these issues, and I feel like my Dad might think I'm weird.

Basically, I have a habit of doing things until they "feel right." For example, when I leave my bedroom in the morning, I always close my door. I'll end up pulling the knob and counting 6-7-8-9-10. I'll repeat this until I am okay with how the door is closed. My sister actually saw me do this one morning (I didn't know she was upstairs) and said "Do you have ocd or something?" I was so embarrassed. I also tend to do this with other knobs and switches around the house. I won't even use the downstairs bathroom, because for some reason, the pocket door that is there triggers these actions. I'll have to adjust the door 10 times, and it's too stressful. The underlying reason as to why I do these things is because I have this feeling that if I don't do these actions "correctly," one of my friends will no longer like me, or something bad will happen. I know that this is ridiculous.

I also tend to have a problem with preciseness/evenness. I don't even like to use my debit/credit cards anymore, because when I take them out of my wallet, I get nervous about them not being aligned correctly. One day, I literally readjusted them 10 times, until I was satisfied with how they were arranged. It's similar with my car keys...I have to have them positioned in a certain way, and it gets me really anxious if I see that someone moved them. I'll be paranoid that the keys may have gotten scratched or damaged from a family member touching them. I tend to also notice a problem if I'm mailing something. I'll literally take it out of the envelope 20 times, even though I know I dated/signed the check correctly, etc etc.

I'd appreciate any insight or advice.
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