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Default JT's Cafe and Bar

Hello everyone, I'm JT, was told I could do a thread here in The Sanctuary of The Misborn.
Some of you may know who I am, maybe a little about me, and there's a lot of people here I don't know, and I'd like to get to know better.
So this is about me, and my life. I'll share anything, as long as you asks nicely, and take your shoes off when you come in. There's some ice cold water and sodas in the fridge, so help yourself, and clean up after your self to ok?

So ill share some of my life in drips and drabs from day to day or so, may even reflect on my past when it's appropriate. Please, also ask me, anything, I give some great advice from what I'm told. Or maybe you just want to know something or something more about me.
I've posted some,and a coupe threads if you are interested, take a stab at it and hit me up!!

Let's chat

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