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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Mods: I am not sure if some of the things in this post are going to be too inapropriate or not so you may want to edit out a couple of sentences, sorry for the inconvenience

I was in secondary school, year 11 (sophomore (I thought it was spelled "softmore", lol)
year for any Americans out there) when I began to realise that I was starting to become attracted to boys. I would sometimes find myself looking at gayporn instead of straight or lesbian porn and enjoy it.

I told myself that I was straight because "I was still attracted to girls". It was a bit later that thought I was bisexual.

Well, the story is not over yet because I am gay not bi.

As I continued the year I became less attractied to girls with larger breasts and I found it unappealing; the thought of having to put my penis in any hole located around the waist that is.

Also around that time I tried anal mastubation and soon after realised that I was gay.

EDIT: OMG did I seriously write this I'm cringing so hard right now

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