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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

When i was younger i was attracted to pretty girls till i was about 12, which is the age i started having lustful thoughts. And at that age i also changed from a co-ed school to an all-boys school (at this point i really wasn't exposed to being around girls as my parents are very protective and i was barely let out of the house.) Also i was curious and found out alot on the internet, where i was mainly interested in people in general having sex, then it branched out into just men. I guess i was about 14 when i accepted i was gay. I'm not open about it tho, cuz of how people in my country and my peers react to being gay (some people get killed for it). I only have a few friends who are bi, though I'm not even attracted to them in the littlest way(mainly cuz i don't like how they are effeminate, and they don't know i'm gay). I'm still a virgin, have not even had a first kiss yet (never had a bf or a gf). I can't wait till i leave school to be more open, hopefully I can move to another country where it is more accepted. BTW, I'm 17 now.
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