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Hi Hazelteen.

first of all, i just want to say that how you feel is completely fine. Secondly just a note, OCD is not some scary buggy man which jumps out of the closet for no reason. (Albeit that's how it is defined in the sphere of the public eye). OCD is simply a behavioral pattern that is rather widely experienced and can make it difficult for some people to function, that's why it has been classified as disorder, nothing more.
A most experienced form of OCD include the O and the C. Obsessive thoughts, aka intrusive thoughts which you do not want to be thinking but cannot remove from your head. And compulsions, aka actions which you repeatedly perform in order to cope with the intrusive thoughts.
What you are experiencing seems to be compulsions, which are likely prevailed by certain mild obsessions. For example a compulsion may be walking only on smooth pavement, this would be due to an obsession that walking on the different sort of pavement will produce a sink hole. ( Not very logical is it?)

I myslef have went through rather a severe form of OCD (with extensive compulsive rituals), it lasted for several years. But i never looked at my OCD experience as something negative. It simply started due to how i was viewing the world and ended due to me learning to look at the world differently.

Hopefully this proves useful at least a bit. If you have any questions please ask!
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