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I dont take any illegal ,non prescribed, drugs at all.
This is because I want to be a Police Officer in the future, illegal drugs can destroy lives and involve you in a infamous crime loop.
Firstly you get the initial hitch on the drug, then you become addicted. At this stage you are mostly likely on a class b/c drug such as marijuana. Marijuana is called a gateway drug which will bring you onto harder drugs such as class A. Most typical class As are cocaine, methamphetamines. These drugs destroy lives dramatically, it has happened in numerous cases in the past and present modern day life. In most cases the addicted person will keep funding their drug habit and not on more important sources such as food, child care, rent/mortgage/bills then most commonly the person will want to fund this habit by sources such as prostitution, shoplifting, burglary ext.
It is much easier to keep away from it, even if your friends pressure you into it then they aren't your friends so you should disassociate your life from them.
This is not by all means me telling you how to live your life, but me trying to prevent further lives being destroyed by these illegal drugs.

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