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hehe....a guy walks into a bar...and says oww.....ok...bad joke..lets see....oh yea!

the leprechaun! (in which i cant spell)

this leprechaun walks into a bar, orders a drink and chugs it down. when he is finished, he spits into the bartenders face...the bartender gets kinda mad,but lets it day! the leprechaun walks in again...orders 2 drinks, chugs them down and spits into the bartenders face...the bartender grabs the leprechaun and says " if u do that 1 more time, ill cut off ur dick!" he lets the leprechaun go and it day! the leprechaunwalks in again and orders 3 drinks! chugs them down and spits into the bartenders face....the bartender gets really mad, grabs a butcher knife and throws down the leprechaun's pants....there is no dick! " do u pee?" the leprechaun spits in his face.

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