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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

It's time for some more answers to the last bunch of q's:

First, if you drink lots of water before you masturbate you'll have to urinate. That sensation, the pressure inside your bladder, will most likely interfere with the pleasure of orgasm. It will NOT make you ejaculate more, water goes to the bladder and out as urine, not as semen.

Second, bananas have a lot of very essential things in them, you should eat one a day, but not for semen. If you eat a lot, the fiber in them will make you poop more, and it will be easier to go. I'm not sure this is an aide to masturbation, nor do I understand how it could possibly increase semen production.

If you wait between masturbation sessions (like a day or so), you will 'fill your tank', and ejaculate whatever amount you typically do, based on your development. Most adult guys ejaculate about a teaspoon or so, that's pretty much the max, although it might seem like more if you're really excited or wait longer.

The issue with porn (and this comes up a lot), is that it is NOT educational, it is for entertainment. So, like most things that are entertaining, what you see is largely acted, the action you see, the 'plot', is determined by what the producers think the audience will find pleasing and amusing. That's entertainment. With porn, things like size, noise, length of time, positions, the way the actors treat and relate to each other, it's all acted, it's manufactured. It's not necessarily a reflection of 'real life'. It's assumed that by the age of 18, most people have the experience and maturity to recognize this. You young 'uns don't have that frame of reference, so you're more vulnerable and impressionable, hence it's illegality.

Everyone has to make a choice about this, and that choice should be made based not just on the availability, but your reaction to it. If you choose to watch porn, make sure you keep it clear that it's exciting and arousing, but not necessarily real. If you cannot, or if you feel too uncomfortable with it, don't go there.

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