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I'm just curious really, but do you even know the logic behind that? I KNOW you heard that from me because I'm the only one who's said that on this forum in the past 2 years

The truth: SOME men report that eating bananas increases the amount of cum they produce. But still others say that zinc tablets work best for them, and others like fish oils, others like different fruits, etc.

Nothing is a miracle, and they all contribute, and bananas do not work THAT well.

The logic: Because semen contains a whole lot of stuff (protein, vitamin B6, B12, zinc, calcium, DNA, vitamin C, potassium [and the list goes on for about 20 more ingredients]), there could be a link between eating healthier and more cum. Also, healthier people are better in all-round performance, every-day or every-night.

I would not recommend eating a bunch of bananas, that's baloney. But by eating healthier, maybe having 1 banana a day (which is healthy and probably more than you regularly eat), you might experience more cum, or at least it would be a bunch better for your body.
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