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I have tried alcohol, cigarettes, weed and molly
Why, because, not to sound arrogant, I have self control. I know how much I can take, when to take it, when to stop, etc. Literally I have been smoking pot for three years, drinking only at parties and kickbacks for about a year and a half, rolled twice and will only do it at raves. Cigarettes I disliked, didn't give me a buzz nor did it relax me or anything, plus they tasted gross, the after smell is a pain in the, yeah, to get rid off and it stays under your finger nails and you can smell in in your hands for hours.

All substances were done legally, except for rolling because well that's obviously not legal in any circumstances.

My advice don't do stuff you can't control especially if you know you don't have the willpower to stop doing something you like

Get down to biz my ninja

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