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Originally Posted by Complicated View Post
Atheism is not a religion, it is literally a lack of religion.
So I rarely post around here, but this is an interesting question (to me at least) so I may as well weigh in.

Atheism, at least how it's portrayed for the most part on the internet, seems to be more than a lack of belief in a Supreme or Higher being; it's more of a belief in the lack of belief in said being, if that makes sense. Granted this doesn't apply to all atheists, I'm sure there's plenty who simply don't care either way about religion or a god or what have you - it's just irrelevant to them. But then there are the ones who believe so strongly that there simply can't be such a Being, because of science, or lack of evidence, or an endless amount of other reasons that may or may not have any logical ground. This is when the boundaries of what is and isn't a religion get blurred, at least to me. Sure, they're not following any organized religion or community or belief system, but part of their life is determined because of this belief in, well, nothing. The belief is what makes it more than what "atheist" is usually interpreted to be, true atheism would have to be irreligious (literally without regard to a religion or belief system).
But I'll stop rambling, just wanted to share some thoughts
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