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Originally Posted by lliam View Post
OK. I'm not a Christian, nor do I belong to one of the main religions. Only to this little religion of those believers in nonbelieving.
What religion are you talking about?

Originally Posted by lliam View Post
Superhuman might be the right term, if one is a Christian or a religious scholar or so. I also don't know to use those terms correctly in English. In German, such terms also have a different meaning. Nevertheless, I tend to develop my own definitions whether in German, English or French, etc.

One of which is that everything that exists can't be supernatural. Cause everything must be natural if it exists, even if it isn't necessarily something that corresponds to the human physical realm of experience.

So, if I assume that God and all that is connected with it really exists, I can't claim that God is something supernatural. Therefore God can't be superhuman. It/he is just a being of a higher order or so.

Also the physique of such a being can't be equal to the physique of humans. So, the sentence "God created man in his own image" must be interpreted completely differently.

The probably most appropriate interpretation to me would be this:

"God created man in his imagination."
That interpretation means we are inside God's head

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