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Originally Posted by lliam View Post
[sigh] I see, we can't agree on any level. You are too fixated on these supernatural beings.

But please don't call gods superhuman. They are far from to be somehow (super)human in any kind. Only our limited mind gives'em human form or human like character traits or such.
Originally Posted by Complicated View Post
Atheism is not a religion, it is literally a lack of religion. Satanism is a religious philosophy. Buddha means 'One who is awake', anyone can be Buddha. Siddhartha was awaken and he gained the title Buddha, in a sense anyone can become Buddha and titles cannot be prophets. Please do not try and twist things.
@lliam Every religion says God created man in his own image so superhuman is a correct term.

@Complicated Thank you for clearing that up on Buddah saves me to read Wikipedia Satanist worship the devil so yes it is a religion. Im the one who is saying Atheism isn't a religion it's @lliam who is saying it is.

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