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Originally Posted by lliam View Post
sorry, can't agree with that.

Faith is the base of every religion. Religion is what it is so called an extended belief, e.g. if personal beliefing extends to a common faith and it is marked with all the attributes of a social life of an society.

And as I've written above, it's really irrelevant whether a the center of an extended belief/religion is a being like God or any non-personal ideals.

If the core of faith (whether it's personal or expanded to an religion) gets an elevation in the lifes and experiences of it's believers ... means if it's more worth than the fate of any individual believers

... than any kind of idealism occupies the position of a religion.
Your right when you say faith is the base of every religion cuz there is no evidence that it's true, like you the only way you can believe the bible is true is with faith. You can't have religion with out faith but you can have faith with out religion. Like I said faith is having confidence or trust in a person or thing. Thing can be religion or god but it can be anything else like democracy or communism those 2 last examples are things that someone can have faith in it but they aren't religions they are ideas. Atheism is neither a religion or base on faith. Atheist don't believe in any religion because of a lack of evidence. Like Atheist don't have faith in the bible because there is no evidence it's true and there is alot of evidence it's not true. They don't just believe there is no God they look at the evidence and conclude that there is no God.

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