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Originally Posted by lliam View Post
I think religion is basically faith. It doesn't matter whether you believe in supernatural beings or in any political and social ideals or only in the technical progress, etc. Whatever someone may believe a true believer will put his faith or religion above everything else. That's the reason why religion causes pretty much trouble around the world.

I now believe that atheism is just a religion of believe in nonbelieving.

And brought up as an atheist this realization shocked me deeply.
Originally Posted by Broken Pen View Post
Wrong.Religion has several meanings among people and most of them believe in what you said about it.The word that we use in my mother language for this English word religion simply means method of living,not anything like the sentence above.Atheism is a method of living too isn't it?
Faith and religion isn't the same thing religion is believing in a supernatural being that created the universe and/or humans without any evidence. Faith is having confidence or trust in a person or thing. Like when Robert Kraft said he put is faith in Roger Goddell and the NFL the NFL isn't his religion he just believed that the league would do the right thing.

Religion is a method of living only if every single thing you do is base on your religion like some Muslim do. Atheism isn't a method of living vegetarianism is a method of living but not eating meat at all is a religion only if the supernatural being you believe in said is bad.

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