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Default Re: About erections and masturbation

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ok this might be hormones but I feel like all the time I wanna masturbate with my cousin, give him blowjobs etc. I know you're all like eww but still I need help! And I'm getting really happy after masturbating and is that hormones too? Help please
Hi Bud I wouldnt worry about it I think you should just enjoy yourself And Yeh I think Thats gay but Hay bud Im gay aswell and like to give blowjobs to my friends so I aint calling you anything I read a comment from another member Witch I thaught was Great Hes sead Gay? Strait ? Bi ? Why cant you just be 14? Hell he gets my vote So go on and do what you wana do with your cousin If thats what you want? If you want to ask me anything Thats cool Just post me.Jamie.

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