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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

You have lotsa questions, Lewis! Here are some answers.

First, you'd have to have a really rare metabolic disorder in order to NOt go thru puberty. You'd know this by now, so we can assume that in your case, the answer to your last q is "No", you can't not go thru puberty.

Second, one of the things that makes a lot of guys believe their penis has a mind of it's own is that it does change, alot, and quickly! This is in response to temperature changes (hot=lower, bigger; cold=smaller, closer to body). That's b/c the skin on the penis and scrotum are both very elastic, and filled with blood vessels and tissue that resembles a sponge. So, the more blood flow there (like when it's hot or you're aroused), the spongy tissue fills with blood and expands, and when it's cold, it drains, and contracts. Zach is correct in noting that this is why the size changes throughout the day.

Using the toilet after masturbating often happens because that area is excited, so the there's additional pressure on the bladder, signalling a need to urinate. Also, less exotically, many guys masturbate after dinner (before bed), when the body is still digesting the food and fluid you've eaten at the last meal/snack. So, by staying up a while, digestion occurs, resulting in the need to go.
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