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thats great to know....thanks flex
well im of for a wank...only kidding

Originally Posted by ViciousScheme View Post
First of all, a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders because I hasve found a place where I can feel comfortable discussing "issues." And now to cut to the chase. What can I do to keep my parents off my back when im masturbating? I lock my door, and they just come up to it and knock, so I have to compose myself before opening my door and theyre suspicious. PLEASE HELP ME!
hey vicious i read your thread and a good idea is have an item that you would do next to you ready for when your parents are coming in, like a book or console is good just to have at your side when they come in, then when they walk in just grab the item and play it

Originally Posted by Charlie B. Barkin View Post
After I masterbate why is there always some urge to go to the bathroom? Has it happened to anyone else here before?
hey i read ur thread about needing the toilet after jacking, that is very normall i always do it and its quite refreshing i dont know the science behind it im not the person to ask but most boys need the toilet after.

hi, just wondering is it actually possible for your penis NOT to grow so when you hit say 14 your penis will just stay that size?.....basically is it possible to not go through puberty?

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