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Default Re: Is THIS OCD!?

Originally Posted by hazelteen View Post
i don't know if this is odd or what is it?! :
When I write something down on a peice of paper, I find that my notes have to be absolutely PERFECT and my handwriting as well. It could be school work or just something that I'm writing at home.

If it's not, then no matter how unimportant what ever I'm writing is, if it looks messy in any way, I write it out again and throw the old version in the bin.
Somehow, seeing a crossing out on the page or even a little scribble or stupid doodle makes me really angry like I want to rip the whole thing up.

I also HAVE to be on time for EVERYTHING and if I'm not then I get very anxious and nervous. My friends don't understand because the teachers don't really care if we are 30seconds- 1min late to class but I do. (I guess you're thinking that it's not not such a bad thing to want to be on time for everything but I feel like it is)

I am also recovering from anorexia and I seem to remember when I was at its worst, all food portions had to be perfect. My body also had to be perfect. (I don't have that problem anymore though). Could it be related?

If ever my friends mention OCD, they talk about obsessively washing hands and making sure everything is clean before touching it. I don't have this problem in any way.

Please, someone help me and maybe give some advice on what I can do to stop getting so anxious when things don't always go right. I'd really appreciate it!
The first two could just be extreme perfectionism and punctuality. The third one, tho, that might be OCD. Still I'd do what Abhorrence says and ask a specialist. They'll know more than most of us here.

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