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Default Re: Is THIS OCD!?

Originally Posted by Abhorrence View Post
OCD can have many different forms and I don't even think a lot of them involve obsessessly washing hands. I'm not going to be able to diagnose you by any means, I have no experience whatsoever with OCD. The first thing you say, about the handwriting - that could just be part of a perfectionist personality. I wouldn't say it's a bad thing. The second thing may just be a form of anxiety, if you're late you may look silly or something like that. Then the third, the food portions, I'm pretty sure that is just all part of anorexia, although I could be wrong.

Despite anything I've said, if you really want a true opinion then go to see a doctor. They'll obviously know about symptoms and stuff of any mental disorder better than I will.
thanks so much for the help! I guess that's a relief!

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