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Default Re: really worrying me

Originally Posted by krazycum
i know that other people on here are depressed about life and want to comit suicide (i am sympathetic by the way) but i juat get angry. and now my rage for people especcially muslims and chavs is getting out of hand, because if someone rubs me up the wrong way, i just want to take everything out on them, thats why its worrying, because i dont think about killing them. i think about permenently disableing them, and it just worries me cause im affraid i might get into a lot of trouble

hmm like kiros least u know theres a problem..
what did the muslims and chavs do to get u so angry and upset? i know it may be a couple people..but i wouldnt disgrace a certain race it... i mean everyones different.. but of the same race..ethnicity.. beleif whatever..

as hard as it may be..ur gonna have to try and calm urself down..try meditation or something? listen to something slow and nothing that will get u pumped up.
think about why this is happening..and try to think positive..
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