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i got caught stabbing a box of stuffed animals by my dad.. i got caught with a mark by my boyfriend.

he made me promise to not do it again. i said yes.. and then freaking did it again a couple months later
WHAT A SELFISH BITCH I WAS. when i did it. i cried and cried and cried i felt so terrible..... i lied to him..and hurt him... and he was telling me about how he could trust me..but still pulled thru trusting me which i appreciate so much.

so i told him to just trust me.. i will not cut myself again..

i havent done it since then i am SOOOO PROUD to say that...
last thing i actually DID was get something and kinda slammed (not really slammed) into my arm and left a big ass nasty bruise and hit my hit agains t the wall.. it was scary..
but i cant continue to do that.. especially since the head thing was recent.. kinda
i promised him i wont cut... i wish i could promise him i wont hurt myself... never did.. but im TRYING .. not to do that if i need to cry..just cry... dont hurt myself cuz ill regret it later
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