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Somebody coming

A guy moves into an apartment complex.

He's putting his name on his mailbox when he hears a door open in the hall.

He glances towards the door and sees a gorgeous woman dressed only in a bathrobe come out.

He tries not to look at her as she gets her mail, but she engages him in conversation.

As they talk she turns to look down the hall and her robe opens slightly and he notices she is wearing only the robe.

They talk a little more, and she says, "Shhh, I think I hear somebody coming. Could we continue this conversation in my apartment?" He agrees to this.

As they talk in her apartment, she moves and her robe falls to the floor and he gets a good eyeful.

She then says, "Now that you've had a good look, what do you think is the best part of my body?"

He says, "Your ears."

She is downright speechless but finally replies, "My ears? Look at these breasts, look at this butt, look at my pussy. How can you say my ears?"

He replied, "Remember in the hall when you said you heard somebody coming?

That was me!"

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