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Originally Posted by BeastRich View Post
Quick (few) question(s) and I apologize if this(these) was(were) already asked, I scanned the first ~30 pages before giving up.

Can people tell if you masturbate or not?
Will there be a distinct scent?
Will people judge you by this?
I doubt that the "by the age of 14, most males will have already masturbate and/or do it regularly" saying is true, is this because I am sheltered?
Is the above saying true?

Thanks in advance.
Feel free to disagree with my answers, I just wanted to give some input.

1) There are some "signs" some people use as an indicator such as:
•Larger/more defined right arm (typically the hand used to wank)
•Take unusually long amount of time in the bathroom or shower (wanking usually takes a while)
• very protective over phone/ computer (camera roll or history may lead back to inappropriate content which was most likely used to wank)
Those are the ones I can think of at the moment...
2) the smell would most likely be of sperm(cum)
3) Some people may some people may not. It mostly depends on their beliefs and ideals. Some may think you are a disgrace to their religion, or some may just see you as the hormonal teen you are.
4) I am assuming that by sheltered you mean that you aren't exposed to as much inappropriate content (language, conversations, jokes, etc.) as the average teen. You have every right to doubt that, but also remember that everyone, usually, is in or beginning puberty by age 14. The hormones and desires are firing up and discovering what your body can do will most likely lead to playing with yourself and then wanking. So no, I do not think it is because you are sheltered.
5) It is very likely. I cannot guarantee it is 100% true but if you think about it and understand the sexual tension males build during the very beginning of puberty, then you may see where that observation comes from.

Hope I helped a bit!

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