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the first people to cetch me were 3 of my was in math class...and we had go done early so we just hung out and it was during my thug stage and I cut thug life into my fingers and I kept trying to hide it after I did it and then one of them pulled my arm and my sleeve of my hoodie came up and they freaked out and started asking me questions and Mr. Biggers was right next to us at his desk and I almost started crying and then I just started trying to change the subject and Kenna, who was one of them every chance she gets she trys to see my wrists when Im with my parents so theyll see. But since the finger thing its gotten worse. My other friends well one of them always asks if I still do and I lie but on quizzes and stuff I tell the truth. They know I still do and the talk about me behind my back...but Ive been 6 days clean so...yeah.

Get into my head at

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