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Depends who catches you. Me it was mom and she was very angry - but I guess it was because she was scared and cared about me.

The girl I posted the book about (The Naked Bird Watcher) got caught by the right person who then helped her. So if you are going to get caught I figure it needs to be by the RIGHT person!

That book made an awful lot of sense to me and it was the first thing I've read that I could relate to. I used to get so fed up with folk telling me why or what the reason for what I was doing. That is they thought they knew it all but hadn't actually a clue as they had only 'studied' the subject of self-harm. I forgot to say there is another book that goes with The Naked Bird Watcher and it was written by the girl's mother - she sounds pretty cool and wrote a really good part on self-harm which would help an awful lot of parents and professionals. It's 'To Walk on Eggshells' ISBN 0954809211 I think it would be be very helpful for parents and the prefessionals like to read that book so they could understand better. Both books are really easy reading by the way. the site is or get them on amazon etc.

I haven't cut in ages which is good but I know it wouldn't take much to trigger it so I am very careful and read these books if I feel vulnerable.


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