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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

So two drug addicts are standing before the judge, who says to them "Look, you're young and I understand that you make mistakes. Tell you what, go out and over the weekend go to this drug conference and try to stop as many of the addicts from using drugs as you can, and I might try to have your sentence reduced or lifted".

So after the weekend they come back before the judge, who asks them how many people they stopped from continuing drug use. The first guy says "I managed to stop 17 of them from using drugs ever again". The judge is amazing and asks how he did it. The boy replies "Well you see, I drew two circles in front of them, and pointed to the big one and said, this is your brain before using drugs, and then told them that the small circle is their brain after". The judge replies "That's very creative, I will put a word in for your sentence to be reduced".

The judge then asks the second guy "So how many people did you manage to stop?", to which the second boy replies "287 your honour". The judge is amazed and replies "Jesus Christ! How did you do that?", to which the the boy replies "Well you see, I used the same two circles, pointed the the small one, and said to them that this is your anus before prison."

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