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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

A flight from the US to Australia had its engines malfunction over the pacific ocean, resulting in a crash landing on an isolated pacific island. There were only three survivors.

They begin to search for food, and a way off this island, when the natives go to investigate the crash and capture the survivors. The natives are all cannibals, but they like to play games, so they told the three survivors to go out and find 10 of the same fruit, any fruit from this island.

So the three survivors went off to collect their fruits. The first man comes back with 10 apples, and the natives tell him to put them all up his butt without making facial expressions. He manages 3, before the 4th causes him to start crying. He is immediately killed.

The second survivor comes back with 10 grapes, and she manages to get 9 inside before suddenly she bursts out laughing. Up in heaven, when the second survivor is finally dead, the first one asks her "What happened? You were so close and then you started laughing". The second survivor responded "Well you see, I'm used to you know what, but then I saw the other guy come back with 10 pineapples".

Hey guys, this is partially for me but also for anybody else who may want it; my diary:

For those who care: I've changed my username, I used to be Yan Hearn
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