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Originally Posted by Etzelnik View Post
You do realize that Buddhism is not really compatible with your later ideas, right?
OMG I am such an idiot sometimes. And I admit it.
So looking back at the book I read (not at the actual book, but at my library record to see if I was totally messed up, which I am) it was a book about the adaptation of Buddhism in India. So probably a lot of Hinduism mixed in? Which would definitely explain the god-lives-inside-us thing. Plus, its true that I believe there might have been a creator, which negates the Buddha. Buddha was not non-theist, but did negate the existence of a creator. So heh....

What I really subscribe to, is a conglomeration of beliefs from all religions, and the negation of other beliefs of all religions, to make what I feel is right. For me.

How's that? And thanks for being brave enough to call me on that.
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