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I am nothing. Not agnostic, not atheist, not a believer, just nothing.
I don't think any philosophy or religion, or sect within a religion, has all the truth.
Although I suspect the full truth is out there, but it's probably broken into pieces, and every religion and belief has a little part of it.

I probably subscribe more to the beliefs of original Buddhism more than any other religion or idea, but I don't really believe in it as a religion, either. But a lot of the original teachings -many now forgotten or pushed aside- are things I believe in. Like, that God, if we choose to believe in one, exists and lives within us. And that there is some point of eternal rest, real death, for us if we earn it. And I could go on, but you get the idea. Religion changes so much, even Christianity is not really the things Jesus taught, just as modern Buddhism is not what Buddha taught.
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