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id get plastic surgery! i have a really big nose. i mean ok iss not that big. iss small compared to others bt it still big to me >.<

i wuldnt consider liposuction i dont think.. i herd it hurts like hell.. skars on the INSIDE of ur tummy.. they put u to sleep stick a thingy up ur tummy scrunch everything into liquid and suck ti out! -shudder-

when i get older id definatelly consider botax [did i spell rite?] or a face lift -nods- wrinkle and me juss not kool

also those serguries where u can get like makeup permanently put on? u no a perfect line of eyeliner EVERYDAY when u wake up wuld be great. -nods-

and then hair removal i suppose. i meen who wantsa shave on a daily basis? -nods-

i need a sugadaddy to pay for all this -______----
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