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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by georgeishungry View Post
Sorry, a few here.

1} Should I be pulling my foreskin back to masturbate?
2} Should it be very tight - and hurt a bit - to have my foreskin back w/ a full erection?
Whether you pull back your foreskin to masturbate is entirely up to you. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Variety is good.

It might be tight. Some guys are. But it should NOT hurt. If it starts to hurt as you retract it, stop there. But do it to that point, and use lube or oil on it, often. It should gradually go further and further.

That being said, its not really necessary to retract it except to clean yourself (every day). So if it goes far enough to do that, you're okay.
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