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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by georgeishungry View Post
Sorry, a few here.

1} Should I be pulling my foreskin back to masturbate?
2} Should it be very tight - and hurt a bit - to have my foreskin back w/ a full erection?
I am cut, actually. So I may not have much knowledge of this but I will try to answer what I can, haha.

1) I don't think pulling your foreskin back is necessarily needed for masturbation. Unless you like it or prefer it that way then by all means go ahead!

2) From my knowledge, a lot of people have different types of foreskins. According to some people they may have a loose foreskin or even a tight one much like you. I can see how it may hurt given the fact that it's a little but out of place. But it really shouldn't be causing you too much pain.
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