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Default Re: Anorexia Athletica

Um, that illnes is Bulimia, not Anorexia. There are two kinds of Bulimia - the 1st is - binging and purging by making yourself sick or taking laxatives and the 2nd is (like your sister) you eat and then exrecise too much. I disagree that someone needs help only when you can see his/her ribcage, but that us maybe just for Anorexia, `cause it`s a bit more dangerous (I mean that you must try and help her from the beginnig not waiting `till it`s too late). But Bulimia like your sister`s (only exercising) isn`t so dangerous, `cause she eats and gets everything her body needs from food, but it`s still an illnes. `Cause sometimes the mental is more important then te physical - I mean that if she`s exercising so much she feels bad about herself and is obsessed. The worst part is that if someone doesn`t stop her on time it might get worse - she might start puking or just not eating. But if I knew how to help, I would help myself... so why don`t you take her to a psycholog or something... That might help. And I want to say that I respect you so MUCH for trying to help her and worrying so much and even write in a forum... That`s the first step to someone`s recovery - we just want to know that someone cares about us. Thank you so much for helping your sister!
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