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Default Re: Lifestyle Anorexia

Urgh, I hate it when someone says it`s our choise. The sites which say that are sites for PRO-ANAS. But being a pro-ana isn`t being an anorexic... I think that pro-anas (which means people who use tricks, `cause they WANT to be anorexics) are just people who choose to starve, `cause they have problems and think hunger will help. Or maybe just ppl, who want to be thin for the good looking. But real anorexics are different. I`ve read that research, although not yet definitive, has shown that Anorexia Nervosa is most likely a Neurobiological illnes which also has probable Genetic link as well. In patients with Anorexia Nervosa there appears to be an excess of the seretonin receptor 5HT1A, which is associated with anxiety, mood, disturbances and impulse control and a decreased level of seretonin receptor 5HT which is associated with the regulation of mood and appetite. It is theorised that starvation acts as a form of self medication to try and balance out these irregularities in brain chemistry. Other research has identified a possible casual link between increased levels of the neuroreceptor Dopamine & associated obsessive compulsive behaviour, and the identification of a Gene which is believed to predispose someone to Anorexia Nervosa... In simple words - Anorexia is in our DNA, so I think that doesn`t make it our choise. I, personally, have been through 2 fazes - at first I starved myself, `cause I had an disorted image of myself and thought I was fat, even though I was underweight. But now it`s the second faze and I have no appetite and only with the smell, view or even thought of food I feel sick... Sometimes I try eating on perpouse, `cause I know that if I continue like this I`ll be soon dead, but my body just rejects food... and it is NOT my choice... I`ve had Bulimia when I was 1 year old (of course I couldn`t stuff my fingers in my throat, but I`ve puked everything I eat, IF I eat, `cause I`ve always hated food) and I`ve been feeded on tubes in the hospital... so only pro-anas choose to practicly... die
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