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Originally Posted by I_smile_because_I_have_to
Hey people god I aint been on here in a while and I bet half of you dont have the foggiest who I am but anyway...
Well I've been going to therapy for about 4 months and all that malarky and its not doing too bad. I do still occasionally cut and everything but Im getting better. BUT ive managed to find myself a guy who is really sweet and makes me dead happy....but i dont want to lie about where i go every now and then and why sometimes im a moody cow but im also scred of slipping into conversation: "hey hun u alrite? Want a cuppa? Oh and by the way i cut myself and have an emotional problem in which case i have to see a therapist. How many sugars do you want in your tea?" I dunno what to do! I like him so much but I dont wanna base a relationship on on lies although i dont wanna scare the fuck out of him What do I do? Sorry for the rant and for like being annoying....xxxxx

aww hunny..
i know how u feel.. u dont wanna scare him but u cant keep things from him

u just find a good situation (be calm) and tell him whats been going on.. but reassure him that everythings okay because your doing better.. and ur planning on getting to the fullest extent better.
hopefully he'll understand and will be on ur side and help u pull thru it.... tell him not to be scared.. cuz ur recovering.. and if u want u can ask him to help u out with it and deal with it. and not to be scared.
hope i helped somewhat
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