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Hey people god I aint been on here in a while and I bet half of you dont have the foggiest who I am but anyway...
Well I've been going to therapy for about 4 months and all that malarky and its not doing too bad. I do still occasionally cut and everything but Im getting better. BUT ive managed to find myself a guy who is really sweet and makes me dead happy....but i dont want to lie about where i go every now and then and why sometimes im a moody cow but im also scred of slipping into conversation: "hey hun u alrite? Want a cuppa? Oh and by the way i cut myself and have an emotional problem in which case i have to see a therapist. How many sugars do you want in your tea?" I dunno what to do! I like him so much but I dont wanna base a relationship on on lies although i dont wanna scare the fuck out of him What do I do? Sorry for the rant and for like being annoying....xxxxx

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