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Originally Posted by Rainbow Dash View Post
Buddhism is actually a religion. While some forms of it are not supernatural, some sects of Buddhism regard the Buddha as a god. There are different categories of Buddhism which believe different things. Some are more philosophy-oriented and some are more supernaturally oriented.

As for atheism, I can agree that atheism is more non-religion than religion; however, I believe the OP used the term "religion" as to mean just spiritual philosophy in general or something to that degree.
Entirely disagree on both points. Buddhism was the philosophical teachings of a man who refuted any claim to be a prophet or a god. Ergo followers cannot claim otherwise without it no longer being Buddhism. Religion requires a god(s) or Devine entity. Spirituality is different to religion, as is 'supernatural' by itself. Whilst there may exist people who claim to be 'religious' Buddhists, it doesn't fit the dictionary definition.

Atheism is the absence of religion, not the presence of a specific spiritual philosophy. It irritates me that people refer to aethism as a belief in not believing, which it simply isn't.

We don't have a special term for those who say the tooth-fairy or unicorns don't exist. You aren't afairiest if you disbelieve in fairies, and that doesn't denote you to a collective. It's a eclectic undefined out group. We are all atheists, just some of us take it one God further.

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