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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

OK, answers to the last bunch:

1) Anal stimulation works for those of either sex who like it. There's nothing 'automatically' wonderful about it, it's a personal thing.

2) it's a biological/physiological fact that it's easier to masturbate lying down. This is because the whole erection/ arousal thing is governed by blood flow, and when you stand, you're fighting gravity. Also, biologically speaking, (and remembering about the effects of gravity) the purpose of sex is procreation, and there's a better chance of that happening if the semen/sperm stays in the vagina. Lying down has obvious advantages over standing.

3) A lot of people try their own cum, out of curiosity. It's new, it's yours, and it's erotic. There's nothing harmful in it, the ingredients in semen aren't toxic, it won't make you ill.

4) A lot of people feel guilty masturbating, probably b/c they don't have permission to do it. When we do something that's very private (secretive, really) without permission, we feel guilty, b/c most people were raised to ask for permission before doing something new. Likewise, we're taught not to keep secrets. So, the guilt arises b/c we think we're doing 2 things that are 'wrong'. However, masturbation is different, it's biological, perfectly normal, and safe. Your parents probably don't give you permission for this b/c it's awkward, not b/c they don't approve. Remember, everyone masturbates, so do/did your folks. They know you do, too. It's OK.

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