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Originally Posted by Elena_ View Post
Hello !!
I started to masturbate a few days ago , but I have some "problems"

1) I can do it only with 1 finger , I tried with two but they didnt fit in
2) My arm hurts a lot (and i do it quicky, it takes me a few minutes)
3) I expected it to be more "awesome" , to feel "more" (I dont know how to explain it exactly lol)

Is that normal?
Masturbation is something you need to learn, so don't frustrate yourself. It also means that you may have in the beginning not that feeling that you exspected. Maybe try it a bit slower, because if you hurt yourself, your body may not react in the pleasure it could react. Pain is stress, so relax more. Maybe you could also concentrate more on your clitoris, if a finger in your vagina, does not feel good. Give yourself time to explore yourself, so you can concentrate on your feelings and your body and that you have fun.
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