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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

I was bullied when I was 10, a group of kids kept calling me gay. At such a tender age, I had never thought thoroughly about sexuality.
A few years afterwards, I entered puberty and began gaining interest in sex. I started watching straight porn and it aroused me. But one day I thought: "why did they call me gay back then?" and that led to curiosity about gay sex. I looked up gay porn and it aroused me as well. Actually, it aroused me more. I thought it was because it was something new. I began labelling myself as curious, because I was aware I was growing up and everything was confusing.
Eventually, three years after I started puberty, I fell in love with a boy. Or at least, I think I did. That's when I knew for sure it wasn't just a phase.
I don't like labels, but society does, so I label myself as bi, because I'm open to everything and have been with (and enjoyed it) people of both genders. However, I know I'm more attracted to guys.
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