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Default quotes from my little brown book of life

This is simply some of my fav. quotes from a book I just completed.

".....I think that if more people looked at what Jesus tought rather then who he was, we wouldnt have such deadly conflicts...."

".....crime is caused by the poor and the rich. The poor becasue they have nothing, and the rich because they want more...."

".....In our quest to be better, people die....."

".....people who use mental problems as an excuse just think diferently and cry out in an atempt to relate with the mainstream....."

".....most people are just doing what they think other people do....."

".....Life is just a bunch of people posing of one another....."

".....Christians talk about tolerance. Tolerance for "them", try to understand "them" but then they cant stand homosexuals, arabs, jews, It really stands out that christains created hipocrocy....."

".....I wish death to the very least they deserve life....."

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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