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Originally Posted by tret123 View Post
What Buddhist dictatorship, where in history do you see violent Buddhist? No one was even talking about having an advantages? You can be atheist and be a Buddhist as well and you can believe in God and Be a Buddhist. If you're gonna talk, at least know what you're talking about and get your facts straight.
Notice how peaceful the Buddhists are when their beliefs are challenged. Telling me to get my facts straight or that I can't have an opinion (or if I do, it's wrong).

where in history do you see violent Buddhist?
In Myanmar (Burma), as I said - has had a horrible military dictatorship based on militant, extreme Zen Buddhism since the 1960s. Muslims are killed in scores by Buddhist forces and extremists, you can't get a government job or join the army unless you're buddhist, and the government essentially uses buddhism to repress dissent, encourage pacifism in the wake of their massacres, and use it as a genuine opium of the people.

That's decreased in recent years with a handfull of democratic reforms, but doesn't negate the fact the dictatorship models itself on Buddhism.

You can be atheist and be a Buddhist
That is very roughly true and I'll concede that point to my clumsy original post. It's certainly not as cut and dry as Monotheism v Athiest. However I consider spirituality just as erroneous Atheism is not just the disbelief in god, but also the negation of all of the supernatural. Which is where Buddhism falls. (Do you believe Buddha was immaculately born of a slit in his mother's side? for example). That would be supernatural.

It may also be a disconnect between me and you in that I find Atheism is not only the lack of believe, but it's better termed as "Anti-theism (and Anti-deism)" in that I think supernatural belief is not just objectively incorrect but also a poison and a danger to rational thought and secularism.

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